DM1 midi weirdness with Cubasis

Anyone had this?

I get the pitch lowering bug on all samples when using Cubasis to send midi notes to DM1 via virtual midi whilst using Audiobus.

The DM1 midi routing option does not seem to work whilst using Cubasis via Audiobus.

All midi works as expected when using IAA.

The only downside is no state saving :frowning:

Is there a fix in the pipeline or is it just me?

Same problem…

Looks like a DM1 issue…awaiting AB2 SDK or SDK update?

Hello David,

You are still waiting the official release of AudioBus2 for the update.
It should coming soon we hope.


I can’t seem to send midi notes from DM1 to cubasis. Is there a bug with the software? I swear I went through all of the possible midi connection options with no luck. I remember being able to do this easily. This is the first time using my ipad in a couple of months and first time since 1.8

I can only get it to work with virtual midi…

I can’t get DM1 midi to work at all. Can anyone? Please help steinberg. :cry: