DMX Channels

Hello Michael,
Is there a way to copy info from other DMX channels?
Ex. I have 5 similar fixtures assigned to different channels. There are passages in a song that I want them all to do the same, so instead of programming each fixture, I could copy the info into the appropiate channels.


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Hi Valentin,

let’s say you have a fixture that is programmed like this :

And you want to copy this fixture (channel 257-259) and paste it to time = 3.1 and channel (100-102). Is that what you are looking for?


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following the topic if it’s not bothering either of you.

I would be interested booth in “copy/paste same Ch.s 2.1 to 3.1” (as your question above) and copy/paste values from Ch. X to Ch. Y. at the same position.


Thensk for the prompt response.
Yes, I´d like to be able to copy info between channels, regardles of the time or tempo line. (It could be in the same position but different channels.)


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Same here :wink: