DMX controller/interface compatibility

I’m looking to try out this software, though before I do, I have a 2 part question:

  1. Is there a list of recommended DMX interfaces/controllers that work with VST Live Pro?

  2. If so, does a controller with slides, knobs, etc. allow realtime automation on the software?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi @Diabolus,

welcome to VST Live.

  1. No, we do not have a list.
  2. Yes.

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Surely there are users who already use their DMX device with VST Live Pro, it would be very useful if these users could name the type designation of their devices here. That would certainly help many users who are just thinking about buying a DMX device.

We cannot provide such a list, sorry. But every ArtNet device should work as well as those supporting OpenDMX, which together to my knowledge represent the vast majority of all relevant DMX devices. But of course we welcome users to report which devices work and which don’t,.

For a start, DMXIS will work from next update on, Botex NETcon 1-3 (ArtNet) and NanoDMX USB Interface of DMX4all (probably all of their USB interfaces should work).

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Thanks all, much appreciated.

Does that include the [Open DMX USB: the perfect low cost for DMX control | ENTTEC : ENTTEC](Enttec Open DMX USB interface)?

VST Live recognises mine but doesn’t seem to output anything.

The Enttec Open DMX USB interface does indeed work with VST Live. You need the D2xx driver setup executable from the FTDI website: D2XX Drivers - FTDI


… yes, that’s right. The D2xx driver needs to be installed, then it works.

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Will it work with the Eurolite QuickDMX USB Wireless T/R. please?

The best way to get DMX out of this is going to be ArtNET with any ArtNET Node. It would provide an easy update to support multiple universes of DMX output. Theoretically ArtNET can be sent wirelessly to a ArtNET Node on a closed WAN connected to a Wireless Router.


Is the D2XXX Driver automatically installed on Mac? On the Site there are only Windows Driver

… the Mac driver is available here. Scroll down a bit and watch out for “Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or later”.

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