DMX Fixtures Definitions or Grouping Fixtures Channels


In order to manage multiple DMX Fixtures:

1- Is there a way to GROUP an X number of DMX tracks in a group?

That way, we can:
1- Create DMX Groups that define a particular Fixture
2- Less Tracks open on the Tracks View
3- Easily use pre-defined Fixtures in projects


Valentin Sosa

Hi! Did u try FOLDER track? I’ve placed 5 DMX tracks underneath

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Sounds good,
Thanks, will try that.

A quick follow up question, Can you colapse the Folder Tracks in order to hide all the tracks inside the folder?

Yes, but willing to write a feature req to have some kind of visual feedback when folder track is folded/collapsed (currently it seems then empty ). But folder track is working me okay with v1.4.7. PreRelease :slight_smile:

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Thanks, But can´t find my way to colapse the folder. Also in v 1.4.7 here

… yes, that’s on our roadmap!


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I could swear I tried that!!!

Did you pull tracks underneath folder track? Do you see the little extra space left?

Worked perfectly!!
Many thanks

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