DMX Programming Experience with VST 2.0.12

I´ve been programing DMX lights with VST Live 2.0 and would like to share the following shortcomings encountered (some of them not necessarily bugs).

VST Live Pro v 2.0.12
Windows 11

4 generic Par light, 4 generic movable heads

  • Par Lights connected in pairs (2 pairs)
  • Movable Heads connected in pairs (2 pairs)


1- Lights sometimes do not respond to DMX instructions unless there are 2 points with the same instruction:

Example: Set Channel 3 to 255 at measure sometimes works and sometimes not, the workaround is to set another point at 255 at measure to make sure the fixture receives the instruction,(and even then, sometimes the fixture misses the instruction.)

2- Editing points works unexpectedly.

Example: When selecting a specific point In the channel editing screen (bottom of the screen), it frequently also selects points from other channels, and changes the information. The work around to make sure no other points area been edited is to select the points on the top part of the screen (where all the channel appears),

3- Drawing a line with multiple points won´t always send all the info.

Example: Draw a 0 to 256 line extending from bar 1 to bar 2, sometimes does not go all the way to 256.

It is very difficult to create Scenes when using multiple fixtures.


DMX Scenes Track that could make a snapshot of all the channels positions currently on the DMX MIXER.

That way you could:

  • Set different scenes along the song.
  • Set the time (speed) transition between scenes.

Allow Fixture Definitions to Create a Fixture Library, where users can add their fixtures needs.

Example: Fixture 1 is a movable head that needs 12 channels, where the first channel is dimmer, the second channel rotates horizontal, and so on.

That way you could:

  • Drag a fixture from the library to a track, and you would have a predefined number of channels identified with their type of use.
  • Open the Universe channel window and you could visually see all the channels been used.

… could you please create a simple project (without the 2.01.02 event workaround) which shows the problem? Use the “Menu / File / Save Archive…” function to create a package which you can drop here or send me with a PM.

… can you please create a screenshot and mark the position which will go wrong?

I guess you are talking about such a line. Here, we can see 17 DMX events. And you are saying that those 17 events are not go through the output?

… yes, we are working already on something like that. Just give us a bit.

… yes, we know. It’s needed and it has high a prio!

See you,