DMX to ArtNet Connection

Hi, there!

I remember, one talked about that VSTL would work together with the Botex Netcon 1-3.
So I tried everything on my Win10-Laptop to send or receive dmx-data from/to VSTL, but without success. In VSTL I opened an dmx-track (Input=my Botex for receiving dmx-data, respectively=Output to send dmx-data)
I also tried all the settings on the device.

Would someone be so kind to explain how to correctly install and/or setup an ArtNet-Connection.

Many thanks to everyone who wants to help me.


Good morning! Tomorrow I will give you advices (today is too busy). No worry, it will fuction :wink:

… did you activate the Monitor control of the DMX Track?

Screenshot 2023-09-02 at 11.17.34


Thanks to both of you.
@fkalmus: I am very exited about your informations

@Spork: yes, I activated the Monitor control…

Hi @Dr_Midi ,

I have a similar one

that is a bi directional, but 2 universe box, configured to receive ArtNet via Ethernet port and stream out DMX data on ports.

@Spork : I found some tricky issue in VSTLive a few weeks ago: if two network devices present, data is broadcasted to one network device only, and I have no power to decide/set which to use by VSTLive for ArtNet .
@Dr_Midi please check if you have 1 or 2 network devices active and reduce to 1 for a while.

VSTLive ArtNet output exclusively streaming out on UNIVERSE “0”. So if your ArtNet node is set to anything else then uni “0” it won’t work, that is important first to check.

  • If Computer and ArtNet node is not set to the same ethernet network, it wont work
  • If client isolation is active on e.g. router, it wont work

Which direction should we try first?
Record ArtNet data to VSTLive on a DMX track, or broadcast DMX data OUT (control lights), using VSTLive’s DMX mixer / track? What is your environment?

ArtNet data transfer w.o any node used to work between computer and lighting-desk, so I guess your ArtNet node is for transfering signal to DMX lights, right?

For this last scenario:

  • Put computer + node in the same network (with router or via manual ip settings).

  • Create DMX track

  • Extend left field properties with “INSP” button:
    Screenshot 2023-09-02 at 21.07.27

  • Set DMX Mixer In for Input (so you can play with built-in DMX Mixer’s faders)

  • Set DMX ArtNet Out for output

  • Activate “monitor btn (orange btn)”

  • Additionally activate “Record Enable” to record your fader movements also

With this, your lights should do what you send out, moving VSTLive’s DMX Mixer faders (this coloured ones):

If still nothing happens:

With above applications you can easily see all ArtNet data is present on network and helped me to solve issues in complicated environments.

Feel free to respond if you still strugling with. ArtNet is lovely more flexible then any USB-DMX device, so the unis should work to you like charm :slight_smile:

Hello, fkalmus!

Thank you so much for wanting to help me.
I managed to establish the connection DMX->ArtNet. But concerning the connection Art-Net → DMX , I have no success.

This is my (ethernet)configuration:

Sub :
Universe: 0
IP-Type 4 = Custom
Unicastadresse: xxxxx
DMX-Direction: IN
Unicast: OFF
Framerate: 40

That works for recording incoming DMX-Data
To send DMX-Data from a VSTL-DMX-Track, I have to change the direction from in to out, isn’t it?
Or do I have to make other / more settings?

Could you please have a look at your settings?
Thank you so much in advance.

Greetings, Olaf

As far as I know, these devices are versatile, but still has to set direction how they fuction. So first try set “ArtNet to DMX” now, still on Universe#0 and try out if signal starts coming from your node.

Regarding IP4 settings, they are meaningless inspecting only device’s config until other pear’s data is known :wink: As u wrote, you make manual config, that means computer + ArtNet node has to be in the same subnet with different IP4’s. But ai guess that is correct, as you Could now record ArtNet data coming from node :slight_smile:

Hello, fkalmus!

please excuse me for answering so late.
After some various settings, I managed to get the program to record an broadcast.
But I noticed, that the DMX-In-Port of the Botex ArtNet-Node is routed directly to its DMX-Out-Port, no matter if the directory of the ports are In or Out…
That leads to a undesirable loopback. The only solution to avoid this is to remove the Dmx-In-plug during receiving Data from VST-Live, respectively to alter the Channel 2 in Daslight from Input to output during recording DMX to VSTL.

Could you please check your showtec node, whether it also provides DMX-thru, no matter which Art-Net-direction you choose?


Hello @Dr_Midi ,

I’m glad, you could manage it finally! I can’t exactly try out what you want, because I only have DMX endpoints (lights) and ArtNet control via software. Additionally Showtec has 2DMX ports: A & B.
No such like DMX IN / OUT. They are Port A, Port B. The manual points to this directly:

  1. DMX STATUS: Define the port direction.
    ● INPUT: The port will be used as an input.
    ● OUTPUT: The port will be used as an output.
    ● DISABLE: The port will be disabled.
  2. DMX MODE (Depends on whether the port is set as an input or output.)
    If the port is set as input:
    ● NORMAL: Input port acts as a primary controller. The DMX port receives the DMX signal and
    sends it to the primary Art-Net/sACN universe.
    ● BACKUP: Input port acts as a backup controller

The A & B ports are working completely separated, no thru-signal present between them. Set one to “INput Mode” and route to the secondary universe used by port “A”, could do signal merging (HTP / LTP as set), but I can’t try this out as don’t have physical DMX controller.
Could I help with these?