DMX/USB Support


at the moment VST Live has some trouble with some USB/DMX interfaces. We have improved it and will push a new Pre-Release soon. Here’s a short preview. VST Live adds a new configuration to the DMX configuration with the Connection Dialog.

Various DMX interfaces are using the “FTDI” driver - visible as “FT232 USB UART OUT” . But they are all using a different DMX transfer protocol. It is now possible to choose the “protocol” to transfer the DMX data to the device. Here you can see a “Generic” and a “Eurolite” protocol. Generic will mostly work.

… coming soon!


Hi @Spork , do you think, u can put there an IP address field (when ArtNet is selected) that could help to find “each others” easier (both at receiving-from (INPUT) and sending-to (OUTPUT) rows)? It meight be default as “Multicast” or if filled then an IP addr (that means Unicasting).
What do you think? :slight_smile:

… that’s great. It was already on the list. But let’s get the DMX/USB problems solved first.


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E.g. Today was prepared record two songs. It was working, then dis-/reconnected network and couldn’t make it working again. Wasted resources again :(( so looking fw to some better solution…

… you are talking about ArtNet? This one here is about DMX/USB.
… how can I reproduce it? You switched the network while VST Live is running? And then recording was not possible anymore? Or, you re-started VST Live and it was still not possible to record data?


oh, yes, sorry. Will make another thread, just the new field was a possible way to use for this also. Sorry joining this with my non USB2DMX probl


Is this issue close to being resolved?
I primarily invested in VST live due to the DMX workflow and its familiar linear DAW like timeline.

So far it hasn’t been a great success. All my fixtures respond to QLC+, Lightjams and Freestyler without the need for any additional identification of protocol for the Enttec Open USB interface, and these are free. How Steinberg considered releasing V2 in this condition I find concerning as I feel I am unpaid Beta testing every week.

I’m running the .22 version and out of my five fixtures, only one responds on channels that are 4 lower than the ones set on the fixture itself.

I sincerely hope you can make this work as currently I feel it has been mis sold as it has not functioned correctly for DMX since V2 was launched in my opinion.

I am going to keep my faith for the time being with VST Live in the hope that this can be resolved as I’m sure a lot of people have put a lot of work into this so far.

Let me know if I can assist in testing, happy to stream my set up via a VC if it will help.

Hi @Argy ! Give a try for the todays pre *.23, incl. a new DMX Setup panel!

It now works flawlessly on 2.0.23. My usb cable need generic protocol in dmx setup panel.

Faith restored.

Along with my ability to control my lighting rig from VST Live

Let the fun commence …


Same here.