DNxHD codec must be FREE

Dear Steinberg,
I am not sure if this a joke and you are kiding all of us. But what (the hell) is that you have to pay for a codec to encode DNxHD video format!?!? It is an industry standard format that ProTools and even FREE version of DaVinci Ressolve can ENCODE (sic!) to and of course decode as well. Pro version is your the priciest of Cubase and it doesn’t even can play DNxHD?
If you are not able to implement this basic function there for me, PLEASE make QuickTime support possible again so I have a free option to work with this industry standard format. Or provide any other FREE option to process this.
This is really annoying.
This doesnt make sense as well as MP3 decoder for purchase.

I do believe you understand.
Looking forward for your response.

Thank you,
Ondřej - ANDREW007CZ

FYI… the Steinberg software requirements for video support are listed here.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I know this basic stuff… but Thank you.
My point was, however, elsewhere. I want it to work naturally. I work with DNxHD quite often so converting is nothing more than timeconsumer. I am just complaing about the price and even that you must buy it… meanwhile even free softwares can encode this.
So what is this about?

I surely understand your point but, someone must pay for the Avid license (as it is not “free”) and it is well documented how it will work in Cubase and other Steinberg software…

So from my point of view, Steinberg made the right decision making it an optional add-on purchase versus having that cost passed on to all users of Cubase. Some who, like me, will probably never need/use it.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Is it really well documented? I dont see any reference in operation manual for Cubase 10 Pro…
I bought the plugin and it perfroms very miserably.

Not everyone cares to use the Avid codec, so I think Steinberg made the right call to make it an add-on, and frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason why they did it as a paid add-on was some idiotic greedy reason from the overpaid CEO of Avid to stifle competition on the only other post DAW on the market. They have some sort of silly licensing agreement with Avid that even restricts where they can offer the download of the codec, so we don’t know the backstory of it. Doesn’t matter that Pro Tools or Black Magic support it, etc… – in fact Black Magic probably signed a license agreement a long time ago under difference circumstances, and Avid has become increasingly greedy. In fact AFAIK, Pro Tools and Cubendo are among the very few DAWs that support the Avid codec, so Avid will of course be very protective. And it’s only $30. If you’re a pro and need the codec, it’s not a big deal to just pay the $30 and be done. $30 is just a token payment and a lot of it probably goes to Avid anyway to help fund the golden parachutes of the lousy management there as they “retire” or get fired. My two bits.