DNxHD not working anymore

Where can I redownload the DNxHD installerfor Nuendo 8/Windows?
It says I need to buy the codec (license is visible on the dongle and working on the Mac partition)
It is not on MySteinberg and not in the download assistant.

Unfortunately, you’ve to ask the steinberg customer service (steinberg@support-asknet.com) to resend you a download link. I don’t know why they handle it like that, but that worked for me and a few others in the forum.

Correct, you need to contact Steinberg for the shared component ‘VideoCodec-Avid-DNxHD.dll’
FYI, the DNxHD support works nice and smooth with the new video engine but you must know that the DNx video has to wraped inside .Mov container (not MXF !) otherwise it will only import the audio to your Nuendo/Cubase.
I believe in time MXF as video wrapper/container will be added to the supported formats but at the moment it is not there, please consult the current supported matrix here:
Plus very important to know that Avid DNxHD/HR supports only standard video dimensions, frame rate with specific video bitrate accordingly.
Here are the links for the relevant Avid Knowledge Base documentation: