Do any of you guys have an...

Hey All,

I’m new here. I run a nice little composition and demo studio here in Canada.

Just hooking up a Furman SRM-80 signal router. Had it a while and now it finally going to become pretty useful. Sweet!

So, my question is - do any of you have the SRM-RU remote unit for this thing that you’d like to sell?

If you have an SRM-80 w/ remote and aren’t willing to part with the remote separately I “might” consider taking the both units just to get the remote.

Uh, so, Mod’s, is that allowable to ask here? …cuz I’d really like to find this thing and I just know that someone has one kicking around they want to get rid of…

If not okay, then I humbly apologize…



My SRM-80 died a few years back and I replaced it with a StudioComm unit. I don’t think there’s any fixing a dead SRM-80 so I wouldn’t get too attached to it - or if you do, getting a back up unit is probably not a bad idea.