Do anyone else having trouble using izotope Rx 10 with cubase 12 pro?

Hope we all doing great with learning n skills?
I noticed Rx de reverb keep freezing cubase 12 on cubase 12.
Rx de click keep putting delay in play in cubase 12.
Is that happening to anyone or any other rx extensions.
Stay motivated.

I don´t use de reverb but Rx 10 is working fine on my Cubase 12.

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No. Just checked again and neither De-Reverb nor De-Click caused any freezing or delay for me. They do drive up CPU usage when tracked live. I tend to use offline processing for RX and other restoration and utility plugins. Clean up the audio and print it.

Cubase 12.0.70
Windows 10 x64 1909
RX 10.4.0

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Its still thr… still cubase play delaying n freezing with Rx clip, clicks n all… Rx10. Is it gonna solve ever?