Do cues prevent condensing?

In this example, from a Vln I part with a divisi, I have a cue that prevents condensing. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same identical cue in both staves.

I can’t make it work. Making the cue part “unis.” makes the cue disappear. Manual condensing also does. Am I missing something?

Captura de ecrã 2021-03-12, às 15.07.59

condensing cue.dorico (465.2 KB)

Yes, cues do prevent condensing if they are shown; it’s nothing to do specifically with divisi, but the fact that you are only likely to use condensing in a part layout when you are using divisi is why it comes up in this situation. This is something that we haven’t yet had a chance to tackle since we made it possible to condense divisi sections. It’s on our list of things to add.


Thank you Daniel. Good to know. I’ll write those notes in the same staff and mark the divisi manually, then.

Glad I found this answer! Thanks.