Do I download Trial version or Full Cubase Pro 8.5?

Hi I used to use Cubase several years ago and do not have it anymore on my PC. My last purchase was Cubase Pro 8.5 upgrade.

Is it best to download Trial version or full version of 8.5 pro? I’d like to start back with 8.5 and then upgrade from there later.

Whats the best course of action for me? Many thanks! :sunglasses:

The Cubase 8.5 Pro full installer can be found here …

You should probably first make sure you have the latest eLCC installed and confirm the proper license is on your USB-eLicencer …

I’m not sure which trial version you might be referring to, but you just need the full installer and a license to use it.

Great thanks! Good idea. will check. Much appreciated.