Do I get the full version of Halion 7 and Groove Agent 5 if I buy Absolute 6?

I was not able to get a clear information on this. I am looking to purchase Absolute 6 if I buy it am I going to get a full version of Halion 7 and Groove Agent 5 with all the instruments and presets available as if I bought them separately?
Thank you

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Hi @jackthepilot,

first of all: Welcome to the forum!

yes, this is exactly what you’ll get, and even more (like Backbone, FM Lab, and a number of sub-instruments for HALion).

All in all, there’s around 135 GB of data to download and to register locally (via Steinberg Library Manager / SLM).

However, Absolute 6 doesn’t contain “all” of those separately available content packages for HALion 7 and GrooveAgent 5 from the Steinberg shop, only some of them are included (please see my Screenshot 02).

Hope this helps.

[Screenshot 01]

[Screenshot 02]

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That’s really the best move to do…


Awesome, thank you for the info, I’ll be buying Absolute 6 then

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