Do I have to delete Cubase 10.5 or LE/AI before I buy Cubase 11?

I’ve been doing a 30 day trial of Cubase Elements 10.5, which I think runs out in a few days. I also saw my USB interface comes with an access code for Cubase LE, meaning I can upgrade to Elements for nearly half the cost of normal.

Now today I see that Cubase 11 is out, so obviously it makes sense for me to get the latest version.

Anyway my question is, will I need to delete Cubase 10.5 and/or LE if I buy version 11? If so, what happens to the VSTs I installed on 10.5 (including some third party ones I bought) - will these need to be reinstalled on Cubase 11? And the song ideas I started creating on 10.5 - will these projects open in 11?


You don’t have to delete your older Cubase (in this case Cubase 10.5).

More details in this thread.