Do I have to install Cubase Pro 8 before the pro 8.5 upgrade

Long ago I purchased and installed Cubase Pro 8. I had problems and a Steinberg tech suggested I upgrade to Pro 8.5. I’m pretty sure it was the first version. Details are fuzzy now. Because I had problems and my new computer kept crashing requiring reloading Windows I made my own installation notes to refer back to when it crashed again. Well, I have a new computer. So I’m trying to figure out the easiest installation that takes the least amount of disk space. My last install process was:

On Windows 8.1
-Install Cubase Pro 8
-Install trial version software that came with it (Halion5, Groove AGent4, Grand SE3)
-Activated Cubase license
-Downloaded and installed Pro 8.5 upgrade
-Activated trial licenses
-Purchased, installed Groove Agent4
-Updated Groove Agent4 license

So I’m wondering if I can go this simpler route this time:
On Windows 10
-Install Cubase Pro 8.5 from the 9 gig file I originally downloaded
-Do I need to Activate my licenses again since they are still on the USB hub?
-Install Groove Agent4
-Activate Groove Agent4
-Maybe install Halion5 demo since I really didn’t try it that much to see if I would want it
-Probably will not do any upgrades because my friend and I had a lot of problems getting up and running and we work on projects together. I want to stay on the same versions unless there is a critical need to update.

I really appreciate any feedback on the simplest, smallest memory options. Thanks in advance!

P.S. - I didn’t have a large enough USB so I burned the 9 gig 8.5 upgrade to 3 DVD’s. The idea was to copy the files temporarily to my desktop to do a re-install. My notes said to move certain files into the Cubase 8.5\Cubase for Windows\Additional Content\VST Sound folder. I see now some of the files are actually .msi. For example: Steinberg_Content_Updater.msi, VST_Transit.msi, etc. To install the upgrade properly, do the .msi files really belong in the VST folder?

Once your licenser has registered Cubase 8.5 on it you can install just the 8.5 full version with no need to upgrade from 8. All that ever really matters is what license is on the licenser, after that you’re almost always best off doing the cleanest single source install you can.

Thank you so much! I will try that after I resolve my current computer issues.