Do I need a second eLicenser?

I was about to buy Wavelab 9.5 Pro with the latest discount code, but…

It seems to be wanting me to buy a new eLicenser dongle. I don’t want another one. For one thing I don’t have any spare USB ports. For another I simply don’t want two dongles.

Can I add the license to my existing dongle, or, alternatively, move my Cubase license over to the new dongle?

All products that require an USB eLicenser can be added to the same dongle. You don’t need a second one.

Romantique Tp is correct.

I think the wording on the product page is ambiguous, because it says “Additional USB-eLicenser required” (

I’ll let the web team know about this source of confusion; thanks for your feedback, The Elf.

That’s good to know. Thanks.