Do I need a template/script to edit Roland JV1010 in Cubase?

Hi guys. I started a thread a few weeks ago and still can’t seem to get the answers I’m looking for, so here I am again.

I am successfully using a Roland JV1010 in Cubae via MIDI, and have installed it in the MIDI Device Manager. I can view all the preset names and use them from an Instrument track or a MIDI track and the JV1010 operates correctly.

However, whenever I try to “edit instrument” to tweak my settings for the JV1010 as I would in Sound Diver, I only get this:

When I should get something more expansive to tweak attack, release, etc. like I would in a softsynth plug-in, like this:

Does Cubase’s install for the JV1010 in the MIDI Device Manager only include the names and locations of each of the patches, so you can run the JV1010 with the proper names, but not edit it? If so, does someone have a script file or something to EDIT the JV1010 in Cubase? I know it is possible to edit the JV1010 in Cubase, but noone seems to be able to tell me how. So I figure maybe I’m missing a file or something else? Please help! Trying to finish up this recording and being able to edit the JV1010’s settings while in Cubase while I’m mixing would make it MUCH easier.