Do i need new Hardware?


I have a Lenovo desk top with 8GB RAM and and AMD Ryzen 5 5600G processor.

I’m running Cubase elements 8 and using an Akai MPD218 as a midi controller for VSTI in Cubase.

The Akai is connected to the PC’s USB port

The soundcard is a generic one that came with the PC

Im am getting latency issues and the current levels on this are 21.9 ms input and output

I’ve also tried using MPC Beats and the latency on that is still 11 ms.

Ive tried reducing the buffer size in cubase but that doesn’t go any lower and i still have 21.96 ms delay

I cant reduce the buffer size in the soundcard

I have been advised to update drivers but they are all up to date

I have also been advised that i might need more CPU or a better soundcard? Can anyone advise if this is the way to go or if there is something else i should do


A proper, dedicated audio interface is always recommended for real time audio.
In the meantime, try using the free ASIO4All driver.

I think that’s the best advice indeed …
Good entry level audio interfaces come from Steinberg (check the website) and Focusrite - the Scarlet series is the most budget friendly.