Do I need to leave the USB licence key plugged in??

So I installed Cubase 6 Artist today - had some issues switching between the 32 and the 64 bit issues but finally sorted.

I licensed on line and had the USB plugged in - do I now have to leave the key in all of the time???

…if I remove the USB key and try to start Cubase 6 it says “no licence detected/installed” - and the only way I can get it to start is to plug the USB key in!!

So do I need to have the USB key plugged in all of the time (taking up a USB port) - or have I done something wrong??? (not the first time - and it quite a fiddly installation process)

The key needs to be in whenever you are using Cubase. if you remove it then chances are that the program will crash fairly quickly.


What a stupid system!!!

Thanks anyway!

It’s called copy protection. Just you wait until you have many 3rd party plugs, requiring other USB protection keys as well. Then you will have a right to complain about lost USB ports. :wink:


Simple solution to the USB ports situation is to get a USB hub. You can get a 10 port USB HUB for under $10 shipped on ebay, like this one:

If 10 ports is overkill, you can get HUBS with fewer ports.

I’m on an iMac, and the only two USB things I have plugged in at the back are the Syncrosoft key and the USB HUB itself. Everything else that is of less permanent nature to my setup, is plugged into the HUB. It just makes everything so much easier.

Someone else was talking keys-in-hubs the other day (think it was Split), and that raised the question in my mind, will a passive hub work, or does it need to be a powered usb hub?

I believe a passive hub will work for the key itself. As long as the system detects the presence of the dongle, everything should work.

However, I personally like to keep the key plugged into one of the iMac’s main ports at the back. I only run Cubase on one system, so I have no need to ever unplug it (or worry about losing it). Out of sight, out of mind.