Do I need to pay to get full version of HSO instruments set?

Hello I have recently upgraded my setup from cubase 5 to cubase 7. Back when I used C5 I activated my trial licence for HSO 16 bit version and was wondering what is the situation with the HSO sound instrument set that comes with C7? Do I automatically have a full licence for this after installing because of my previous activation of the 16 bit version last year? Do I need to activate again or am I basically still using a trial and after the time period will have to purchase a full version of this edition? So confused.

Could someone please confirm whether or not my activated HSO 16 bit version entitles me to an activated version of the HSO instrument set that comes with cubase 7?

Once you’ve activated a trial version, I’m not sure you can activate it again in a new version of Cubase.

If you purchased a license (whether in C5, C6, or C7), then you’re all set.