Do i need to Prepare Archive to Back up project ?

Is it necessary to Prepare Archive before doing a Back up of a project ?

If you want to make sure that EVERY SINGLE EVENT is archived with your project, YES !!!
If there is even the remotest possibility that any of your data does not reside in the project’s
Audio or edits folder, then you need to “Prepare archive”.

I think it is just Smart practice to “Prepare archive” for every project you do, before backing them up.

It’s a good idea, in case any of the files in the pool aren’t in the project’s audio folder.

Two scenarios here:

  1. If you use the Backup project from the file menu, you do not need to do a prepare archive. The function WILL collect all files and place it in the backup folder.

  2. If you do a manual backup, it is of course wise to prepare the archive first.


So most of u are saying that to be safe its better to Prepare Archive (cos we dont trust Nuendo so much…). but in theory if you do File>Back up project it should copy everything right…?
Can anyone else confirm that the latter is true?

Am asking cos doing Prepare Archive fills my HDs with duplicate files and i am running out of space…

It’s an old habit. In one of the early versions, there was a bug which didn’t collect all files -under certain conditions.
That that is fixed now.
But yes, I still perform a “prepare archive” before backing up. It’s one extra click, which justifies largely the piece of mind.