Do I really need Wavelab as N10 user?

Im a Nuendo and a Wavelab user for years.
All those years Nuendo was the main and Wavelab was the sidekick, where I do 2track editing, converting Mastering and level checking.
During the years Nuendo gives me the whole package and the Wavelab use is going down.
In wavelab 10 the is the new video engine and it could be useful for post audio work or music editing for picture, but hey, I can do it all in Nuendo.

Sound engine on the Wavelab is MUCH better for my ears.

Any insight for people using both as I do?
I wonder should I upgrade to 10 with the new discounts

I actually upgraded to Wavelab 10. I also own Nuendo 10, but I choose to Master in Wavelab for sentimental and workflow reasons. It suits my workflow. Once am happy with my mix after many iterations and getting the best I can, I tune off from the mix environment and try and detach myself. That’s where WL comes in. You may ask, what if you notice something amiss while mastering? Maybe that’s why some may love to do the end to end process in Nuendo. However, I’ve gotten used to going back to Nuendo to fix something and coming back to Wavelab to focus on the mastering process. The drawback with staying in Nuendo is that the mix and mastering process is convoluted and not really kept separate. These two processes intermingling sometimes could distract you. I would say, go for it…upgrade to WL10. It’s great.