Do musicians have better brains?

Uhhh … blue?


Hmmm. I’ve felt great moments of elation doing any number of things, some of them musical in nature, some of them athletic in nature. I’ve experienced joy during communal worship, and when I’ve closed a tough business negotiation. What’s interesting about these moments is that they all, invariably, involve interaction with other people

Does my online gaming count ? I think there are real people at the other end of my screen… :laughing:

I find that article interesting - not that I COMPLETELY agree with it - as I have met my share of sleeze entertainers yet the statement “They have well-coordinated frontal lobes. Our frontal lobes are what we use for higher brain functions, such as planning and logical thinking”

I tend to agree with this… how else can we recall/read score and play at the same time, while also keeping an ear out for any changed made by otehr musicians…

ESPECIALLY when doing improv… we fall back on the same base patterns and then “planning and logical thinking” allow us to make crap up while not sounding out of place…

For that I agree…

Hmm… that last one gets me… "Musicians also exhibited higher levels of moral reasoning and had more frequent “peak experiences”– :

Do we reach those peaks first - BEFORE we create… then hit record when the smoke clears :laughing:

For me this is hard to believe. I`d rather assume that in almost every occupational group the intellectual capacities would be normally distributed.
Legend has it that German crooner Ricky Shayne often forgot the song lyrics at live shows & occasionally pretended to faint. What do you think? Is Ricky a sort of hybrid? On the one hand too dumb to recall his lyrics & on the other hand so smart to pretend to be unconscious… Well, at least the girls were mad at him :sunglasses:

Mark Taimanov on the other side is surely a perfect example to support the present hypothesis.


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Thanks! “Customized” is the keyword here…

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Actually, I think that’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. What in-game play was EVER as exciting, fun, and yes, FRUSTRATING as playing against actual live thinking and quite dexterous human beings – especially those freaking kids with excellent hand-eye dexterity!

You’re right to a degree. Of course, certain occupations require high intellectual capacity: neurosurgeon, astrophysicist, mechanical engineer, etc. But even in those jobs, there’s an abundance of incompetence, because there’s MORE to good performance than just brains.

Personally, I can’t remember the lyrics to songs, either, including any of my own. :laughing:

ahhh i get it now… playing vs a real person is much more challenging than playing against a predictable computer…

thx for clearing that up!

Precisely, but even in those high qualified professions you`ll find a lot of artists & bodgers… :smiley:

I`m hopeless at this, too. :mrgreen: