Do newly avail Halion and NeoFM synths have new drum kit patches?

Hello all- hope you’re having a great day. I’m excited to learn of Halion and NeoFM IAPs. Do these synths/purchases include any new drumkits? Sorry if this has been asked or if it’s listed somewhere, but my searches don’t seem to answer that question or provide a simple patch list. Thank you!!

Halion has a bunch… neo idont know.

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Hi bobby,
There are 69 drum kits in HALion :+1::slightly_smiling_face:
They are awesome.

I have just realised something……for you to ask this question obviously shows you have not yet purchased HALion, if you do purchase it, here are a few things to do first.

  1. Set yourself up in a soundproof room (in case your frustrations become loud)
  2. Have plenty of coffee to keep you awake.
  3. Keep a swear box by your side……you will use it lol

Most of us that have already purchased HALion experienced difficulties downloading it, we were constantly told DOWNLOAD FAILED, but as long as you persevere and keep tapping DOWNLOAD tab you will eventually have HALion,
(each time you tap download it will carry on from where it stopped until it completes its task)

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Neo FM only has a few drum and percussion presets

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