Do 'routing' inputs on channels make *more* CPU usage (if any), compared to 'NO BUS'..?

After finishing all recordings, I tend to make most channels’ input as ‘NO BUS’, hoping to decrease any unnecessary CPU usage,

But would this be true? or I am just hoping…?

haha… silly it may sound, but I want to know :slight_smile:

Probably not true, but you can always just try it.

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Yeah, probably very minimal or not at all. haha… was just curious, to save up my CPU usage when I am mixing :slight_smile:


Well, it is actually easy to see for yourself.
Windows has a ‘Resource Monitor’ utility and even the Task manager has a ‘Performance’ viewer.

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I think… somehow someway, my mac mini is finding it breezier, if less bussing has been allocated… haha… just my feeling! But CPU usage wise, not worth it lol