Do steinberg answer support requests?-Rewire tracks missing

I submitted a support request to Steinberg over a week ago. No acknowlegement it had been received and still no response. Am wondering if they do respond to the emails they receive?

Anyway, I have a different problem at the moment… In a nutshell, ReWire tracks are appearing in the mixer (F3) view, but not in the main sequencer window.
If I open another song I’ve created, they are listed within a folder track, so I presume they aren’t appearing because of the startup template I chose to use. :neutral_face:

2 questions… is it possible to activate the ReWire track folder as per my other song? If not, what is the simplest way to transfer the tracks (a mixture of VST instrument tracks and audio tracks - all with additional FX added) I’ve created in this template to another that does show ReWire?


You should receive an automatic message they received your support request, so if you didn’t get that I suggest you try again.

Don’t know about rewire, sorry :wink:

Anyone able to help with the 2 questions at the bottom of my OP?