Do Steinberg know how broken Cubase 8 is? GPU issues?

Well version 7 and 7.5 were broken until the last couple patches by which time they were ready to upsell the next broken version. And it’s the same thing now with version 8. Graphics destroy Audio performance. Real time Spikes here there and everywhere. Play 3 instances of Kontakt simultaneously and the cpu hits the roof. The one good thing is that Asio guard doesn’t make things worse when you turn it on!

Please don’t tell me to change my settings/trash preferences because everything works how it should when Steinberg fix it THIER END.

Do they acknowlege how bad the latest 8 patch is ? Why can’t they properly test versions before passing them onto consumer :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Not a very constructive post. Probably better to investigate whether there is anything in your system that’s stopping you from getting the best out of Cubase. Certainly I run dozens of Kontact instances every day with no trouble. Failing that, you can roll back to 7.5 if that ran nicely for you and then you’ll be able to work effectively until things get ironed out.

Can you read ?

Sorry, if you you want to complain, knock yourself out. But if someone offers to help you should at least give it a chance, rather than responding the way you did.

Many, many people have stable systems. While it might take patience to do, J-S-Q’s post is pretty much on the money.

Very polite and reasonable response to a ridiculously rude and provocative post. I was just about to click the exclamation mark symbol for the first time…

I must echo the same experience. I notice we both are using Nvidia cards? Grasping at straws at this point, the performance really sucks for having a $600 CPU. I’m running hundreds of kontakts though. Its possible you need to look at your bios settings or change your buffer setting on the interface.

my performance is better on 8 than 6.5 actually, i just checked.

? So what are you saying?

Aloha w,

This is a great example of choosing to wait till the demo version is available.

That way if the new product does not work for you,
all that is lost is a lil time on your part.

Going forward you might consider using this approach if you are planning on getting a future version of Cubase.

This advice works not just for Cubase but for many other products as well.

1-Wait for the demo version.
2-Install and then try it out.
3-See if it works for you.

Good Luck!

Good advice Curteye. That’s what I do now. SB has a long (and venerable) track record of issuing new versions that break thing that were working in previous versions, so it is better to wait until the inevitable patches show up to fix things.

With the Trial versions you can still see what you have to look forward to without having to jump into the deep end straight away.

Has there been a version that hasn’t been “broken” ? :slight_smile:

I wasn’t actually asking for help, I’ve been a Steinberg customer aince 96 and i am well within my right to complain about being sold broken products. I know how to create a stable system and i don’t need advice from people stating the obvious telling me to revert version or check my os. Hence why in my OP i stated ‘Please don’t tell me to change my settings/trash preferences’. It is irritating when people don’t bother to read your post.

Aptmusic that’s the one thing i haven’t tried. I thought about upgrading but if you have a good one and still same issues i won’t bother. The Windowed Layout/GUI design is creating so many performance drops. It’s as if nobody at Steinberg bothers to debug anything until the .5 version. Bios has been optimised fully for Kontakt and VEP and my latency has to be at it’s highest as i used to run so many kontakt instances in my template (cubase 8 has made that impossible now).

I usually do that but was sold version 8 in a sale. I let it be with 7/7.5 as it was a total revamp but there is no excuse to go backwards once again. They really need a better HR.

Oh No… Please don’t. :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Cubase vst score / 32 worked great.

You say you can’t run 3 instances of Kontakt and yet J-S-Q says he runs dozens of instances every day so I think his was a reasonable response to what I’d call a rant rather than a complaint.

It’s well near impossible to test every computer on the planet. C8 now is actually pretty stable to me! btw, I guess you mean Customer and not Consumer :wink:

I use an AMD Radeon HD7770 with 3 x 1080p monitors connected, and I don’t have this issue (driver version is Catalyst 15.7). One thing I’ve noticed is that the monitors never go to sleep when CP8 is running, but other than that, things are smooth here. W7 pro x64, i7 2600k + 32GB RAM.

If the GPU related stuff in CP8 is causing the CPU to spike, it maybe that those aren’t coded in the way they are compatible with your card?

According to this thread here :

…there seem to be something going on with the GPU stuff in CP8. The sad thing is, not many people in the thread mention the GPU they are using or the driver version installed. Quickly skimming through the thread, looks to me like there are a couple of people with Nvidia cards reporting editing the registry of Cubase 8 solved the CPU spiking problem. I don’t know if it is the same issue you have, but perhaps worth a look.

Do you have the Steinberg Audio Power Scheme selected under VST Audio System? That could be what stops your screens going to sleep.

No, that is definitely unchecked. I guess it’s not a common problem?

In regard to GPU - I had some issues with spiking that I could not solve through settings, the issue manifested most apparently when I had the option “Select Tool Shows Extra Info” active, and mouse movement would cause spikes. It was most pronounced with the Project Window maximized. I checked with some other Cubase users - some had similar issues, some did not. So it does sound like this could be specific to a certain component.

My solution was to spend 25USD on the cheapest modern video card I could find, and this solved the problem, or really lessened it to such a degree that it doesn’t happen. I saw this on both Win 8.1 and 10.

I was using the on board video of my CPU, i7-3770k, and bought this It’s a Nvidia Geforce card.