Do the devs read the steinberg forum? (serious question)

Hey guys

What do you think, do the devs read some threads here in the forum? I never saw a comment from a dev in the past days. I only saw a link for a feedback survey.

I know, there is a Feature Requests and Suggestions category, but I don’t see any communication from the devs. There are so many good posts from some users with awesome suggestions, feedback and ideas. It would be very sad if the devs don’t read them. But at the moment I don’t see any sign from the devs.

I think (sadly) the devs don’t read the forum. They only read the feedback from the Cubase 9 feedback survey.

What do you think?

I think (and know from some other vendors) devs don’t directly engage anymore in these kind of vendor forums, it’s a whack a mole minefield, nothing for them to gain without ending in a rathole.
Hence there are marketing guys replying here.

The only forums i still see devs, are where the vendor is a one man shop.
Or the no bullshit RME forum where MC just tells it like it is :laughing:

I’ve noticed devs respond (really fast!) in the Cubasis and App fora. Besides that, as said before, responding in a user forum can be a real energy drain for anybody with such a job. When a dev has to respond to all the user bugs directly, there will not be any time left to actually fix the issues, let alone improve the product and develop any new features… Hence the mods and marketing peeps here.

Of course I don´t know this but I´m sure the useful stuff would get back.

I really hope they’re at least skimming the Feature Requests and Suggestions forum.

There are several levels of staff at SB, like any tech company. Tech support people do participate in threads, their names are in blue and their titles at SB are listed in their sig and/or profile. They do this on their own- meaning whether the are at work, or not. There are marketing staff, quality assurance staff, project managers, software architects, technical documentation writers, accountants, specialized staff, etc., etc., etc. They might all refer to the public forum at some point.

What Raphie is indeed the case about devs participating.

Note also- the forums are not the only way to reach SB. You can email them directly, and you can open a support ticket, depending on where you are located.

Yes we do, and all evening too. Just like you I don’t need to sign-in to be able to read posts.

Hi Dave! Thanks for letting us know, I am very glad you are here…but maybe in a big lack of tact on my behalf, could I ask you a couple of questions regarding some gui choices?

I was told by Guillermo that record and monitor arming of all the tracks that are sent to a VCA is a design choice, and if I want to monitor only on track I should use the modifier key. Shouldn’t be the other way round? If “selection” is unticked in the linking channels menu, shouldn’t it imply that we want to be able to click on any record arm or monitor button, not linked to other channels.

The reason I ask is because with the current state, you can’t use a key command or generic remote to arm a channel without arming the others in the group (unless I am mistaken)

If you say that you folks would be open to at least let us decide in preferences it would make me a very happy customer!

Thanks again for being here with us

Well obviously the pertinent devs don’t read the relevant posts, or respond to the issues!
I have had exactly zero response, unless you count the immediate ticking off for double posting!
As a paying customer, all this does is reinforce my original comment, that VST Connect Pro is a total waste of money.
Come on devs, I challenge you to respond!

Jim B


I choose not to answer specific questions. We have implemented a much broader and clearer path to collating and processing customer wishes and feedback than ever before. My regards go to the team that are working very hard to process the mass of data associated with a new release. I know, because I used to be directly involved.

Maybe I should explicitly why. Look at the follow up question. … my personal opinion, is exactly that, mine. If that deviates from what the company decides to do, and I demonstrate that here, not only would that be damaging for the company, it could, and probably would, be used as a lever in another discussion here on the forum.

The difference between my personal opinion and my professional opinion may seem like a duality too far for some; it is however, a very powerful tool in doing my job.

Purely hypothetically, I suppose I could have another profile name on the forum where I just help people who have questions. Purely hypothetically…

This has been changed in C9. You can now arm/monitor individual tracks within a VCA group, OR you can arm/monitor them all at once using the controls on the VCA channel.

Wow, Dave Nicholson. I remember your involvement in these forums many years ago… could it be circa 2000-2001? Cubase VST 5 arriving to the end of its cycle, the 5.2 public beta period, SX right at the corner, the Pinnacle takeover… Really interesting (and, I guess, also very difficult) times in Cubase’s history. Lots of passion you put it there. Props to you for that. And I celebrate that you are still here participating, even if it is only “purely hypothetically”… :wink:

Thanks! I think I can use VCA at last.

but Dave, while I understand your position, do you realize that my query would have unnecessary if you published the fixed bug list from 8.5 to 9?
(Abd a lot of forum threads that can also be damaging to the company)

I can see no reason as not to publish it. But then again, thanks for fixing that bug

“Do the devs read the steinberg forum?”

Yes, I’am watching you :wink:))

…perv… : P


are y’all in japan or china or korea or something? : P

Wow, that makes a huge difference to me as well, enough to want to upgrade now. Thanks for fixing, and yeah, would have been nice to see in that list

Though SB Emps seem to read here and there, the German forum get more and more left alone with all the rants and useless discussions etc. And - as I remember - Steinberg started to be a company from Germany. Howsoever, even the forum’s structure tells a story - German users are not that much respected by SB.
I know this by bad experience with my UR22 wherei I officially opened a support ticket and NEVER got any response. Also never in then hardware forum.
Same occurs everytime in the Cubase forum. More in the German forum where we even do not have any officially moderated, structured feedback area.
Not nice and makes me as others more and more to tend to go away from this - in general - great product.
Just the others did not sleep in the meantime…I put in my 99 bucks…just don’t know if I want again want to wait for CB 9.5 for more WF and BF…

Well, I hope not. Some of the negative reactions to their hard work are so extreme and unjustified it might make them want to poke their eyes out, chop their fingers off and never be near a computer again.