Do track versions not in use add to "Computer Burden"?

Hi -

I’ve got umpteen million little vocal comp segments in tracks squirrelled away in track versions that precede the one I’m using. I’ve got an older computer, and so I’m wondering how much, if any, burden all those little segments add to the computer burden just because they exist?

Thanks for any insight into this cutting question!


These small segments burden the CPU quite significantly in Cubase. Every single cut does it (slightly, but if you have million of them…).

To test: Have a long (some hours) audio file, import it to Cubase. Play it back. Observe the CPU load. Make a lot of cuts off the Audio Event (use the Scissor to with the Alt modifier to make repeated cuts). Play the project back and observe the CPU load.


I knew large segment #s burdened the computer, but I didn’t know whether “hiding” them in track versions was protective or not.

Now I know it’s not

Thanks for info, Martin!