Do VA and Warp lock files, thus preventing renaming?

The error is “Could not rename the file!” and you get it twice. Used to get it in earlier versions. Has it got anything to do with VA? The file that hasn’t been renames fine but I can’t see why the others shouldn’t. Same in Pool or Info Line, same after restarting Cubase. The files are NOT read-only (!) and were all recorded here.

Any ideas, anyone?


Seems like you are trying to rename the file via the info bar?

If the file is being “held”, you wont be able to rename it. Let’s say you import that file into Kontakt. Even if you go and delete the zone, the file is still being “held”. That’s only one example. but there may be other apps that have possession of the file that are not connected to Cubase - for ex., a media player that you forgot you opened the file with.


Hi Jeff. Only Cubase was open and I hadn’t previously opened any of the files in anything else - not even a VSTi - so no chance of a stray leftover lock from elsewhere, I’m afraid.

I get the error whether I rename from Info Bar or Pool. I have seen it on earlier versions but it’s only now on this simple project that I’ve noticed it might (might) be something to do with VariAudio.

Thanks anyway, it was a point worth raising.


I have the same issue. Just recorded some tracks. Opened it in Vari audio and couldn’t rename the file. I had to reset the variaudio and then I was able to change the name.

Just tried Audio Warp and the same thing happens. Maybe any internal (non-destructive) editing locks the disk file. There may be good reasons for this but why can’t you just unlock, rename, then re-lock?

I’m going to retitle the thread to try and attract some specific answers.

Ok, just had a look at this.

Launch Cubase
New Project
Import audio
Select event
Click on event’s name in info bar
Type new name; file gets renamed with no error

Import audio
Select event
Via Windows explorer, open that file in another app (Winamp here)
Click on event’s name in info bar
Type new name; Could not rename the file error is generated

All of this so far is 100% normal. So the question is, why does this happen when the file is NOT opened in - or held by - another app?

I have found that you can not rename the file when you:

  1. Open the sample ed., and do anything with audio warp (change musical mode, change swing, etc.)
  2. Open the sample ed., and make changes using variaudio
  3. Resize the event in the project window using Resize Applies Time Stretch

Even tho what you are doing is non-destructive, Cubase for some reason holds the file (or tells Windows to hold the file) when you attempt to warp that file. Might have something to do with the way Cubase needs to play back that file - even tho the actual file on the hd is not being affected. I am thinking that it needs to access the file in a certain way, which is different when you perform other functions (pitch shift, normal time stretch, etc.)

In any event, the other non-destructive editing functions dont hold the file (at least none I have seen). It may be an inconvenience to not be able to rename the file once you attempt to warp, but again, there is probably a good reason fo this.


–edit-- you might be better off posting this in the normal C7 forum, as opposed to misc. You will get more views that way.

Thanks for looking into this too, Jeff. So we can add TimeStretch to the list. No great surprises there probably and looking a bit clearer. Could do with a mod looking in to tell us whether we’ll just have to live with this or not. I’m not always organised enough to give my files meaningful names to begin with and things do have a habit of evolving on one…


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I know this is a really old thread, but I hit this very same issue yesterday with version 9 (so it still hasn’t been addressed).

I figured out a workaround that I’ll share with you…

  • Back up your project folder if you haven’t done so already
  • Close down Cubase
  • Locate the file on disk using File Explorer
  • Rename the file to what you want it to be
  • Open the project in Cubase
  • Cubase will prompt you to locate the file you renamed
  • Go find and select the file you renamed
  • Done!