Do you bounce as the same format for sending MIXING data? (48-32float or 48-24bit)

So, my projects are 48 - 32float.
Do I also bounce as this format or… do I bounce as 48 - 24bit?

I heard somewhere, that, it is best to keep it the same?
but since it is 32float, I am just worried if I shall make it 24bit (industry standard)?

So I am about to send 2 stems, one Inst and one Vox.

Sorry for a noob question, I am just curious, because I started using this format since Cubase 10 Pro so it is slightly new to me :slight_smile:

Do you mean export audio mix ? Bounce can mean tracks within a project to be kept in the project. If you mean export it depends what you are going to do with it. If it’s to get mastered then keep it as high as possible. If it’s to be put on a certain platform then use what the platform supports.

My projects are all 48 - 32float so… highly recommending bouncing STEMs with the same format, u reckon?

*It is for mastering and for digital distribution :slight_smile:


*or, 48-24…? it does not matter…?

Yes I would keep in the same format for mastering and at that stage make masters at the correct rate for whatever platform you are putting them on.

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