Do you need to add the 'Script' & setup your midi-controller every time you use Cubase?

A couple weeks ago, I followed the directions and got my ‘Arturia K.L.E. 48 mk3’ to work in Cubase. I followed the directions and added the ‘Script’ . Yesterday I went back in Cubase and it wasn’t added or synced correctly. Do I need to follow the steps to add/link/sync the controller every time or did something go wrong?

Normally, no. Are you on Win or Mac OS?
Could you share a screenshot of your MIDI ports?

I’m on ‘Win. 11 Pro’… I’m not at the studio right now, so I can’t send a pic, however, the midi-controller doesn’t get plugged into the interface. It just goes to the PC by USB, no midi-cables. Everything else gets plugged into my interface (Monitors, Mic, Guitar etc…)

Unless you’re turning the Keylab on after your start Cubase, I see no reason for it to not be recognized immediately. As a side note, I saw in Arturia’s script that they’re using sysex recognition complimentary to port name match, and I do know that they updated their drivers very recently (due to the addition of the Essential 88). But I don’t think that these updates could cause an issue with the port names/sysex messages.

Okay, thanks again… I updated the ‘K.L.’ and I got it to recognize again but I can’t get it to work in the way of “controlling the DAW”. It’s recognized, added and the controller is on ‘DAW’… I may re-follow the steps and re-add/install the script