Do you rate Cubase 7

or do you just pretend you do?

i personally think it’s great , it’s needs tweaking here and there but i’ll give it …

8 out of 10

Do you mean rate ou hate?


It’s an improvement but the two bugs I’ve found (recording randomly stopping, a wav file export 3 times the size it should be) are very worrying. I don’t mind minor bugs but the process of getting audio into and out of Cubase should be absolutely rock solid.

I think CB7 is the start of the best DAW around. I currenly have no less that 5 DAWs installed and since CB7 it has been my preferred workstation. It does however have some unacceptable faults and if not corrected I am back on Logic as my main DAW. Faults concerning CPU spikes is the most annoying. Sometimes recording breaks. The export dialog box is sometimes garbled and inoperable. So far a 5 out of 10, but very promising.

5 out of 5 so far. I have to admit that when I fire up 6.5, (on my machine) it is faster, has better usability and is easier on my eyes. After spending $150 on the update, I’m not thrilled about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not happy with how it looks, it looks down scaled and kinda ugly…
If only they would refine the look of it, perhaps something much more like the Steinberg hub design and colour scheme.
The mixer looks a bit out of place.
The look and design of the insert slots is all wrong also, if I turn something off I expect it to be off…not just bypassed.

Functionalitywise it’s good, I do find zooming in and out and shafti between sections to get up close, edit get out again, find something else, go zoom in edit zoom out etc…frustrating and pain staking.
Maybe it’s just me though.

I don’t hate it, I just kinda think 6.5 is more pleasing to use.

I used Reason for a few years and switched to Cubase 7 about a month ago.

I think Cubase is shockingly good. Its functions are incredible and it feels to be state-of-the-art. As with any tool that is as vast and intricate as Cubase is, there are inevitably going to be some imperfections. However, Cubase is logical to use and facilitates musical creativity beyond anything I could have imagined.

Well done, Steinberg.

I love it. It’s really improved my work flow which has fired up my creativity. It’s not perfect but I have had no real major issues… It’s appearance is much less a priority (well not even a priority) than it’s sound and useability…

I am very happy with Cubase 7. Although I only manage audio, not midi or keyboard or external elements, has served me well for my edits. I work at a radio station and audio mounts have gone very fluid and fast. Looking forward to the next update (February 18) in which the operations manual will come in Spanish in order to get a little more hand product. It’s complicated phrases copy and paste to the google translator whenever I need to know in detail some matter. And I refuse to learn English.
Cubase: 1 to 10, note 8.


Aloha guys,

C7 seems to be fine/stable here but I cannot
‘feel’ it yet.

Because of this ‘feel’ thang, C6.5 is still my ‘go to’ Steinberg app.

My first major $$$ recording session with C7
will be later this month. (fingers crossed)

Then later this spring I will be using C7 deep
in the rain forest for some location recording.

But C6.5 is still installed on the same 'puter and is ready to go
just in case C7 goes ‘south’.

my 2c3nts

is Cubase 7 water proof ? take an umbrella :wink:
Good luck

curteye wrote:Then later this spring I will be using C7 deep
in the rain forest for some location recording.

Watch out for high humidity with condenser mics - Rode NTG3 or NTG8 are good for this

When I started doing this several years ago, I took
some of my best mics.


This year I will be using 4 SM57’s recording mainly
flutes, lot’s o’ percussion, chants, ceremonies, a lil bit of nature sounds etc.

No close micing. Everything is done from a distance.

We will be there for 5 days/4 nites.

I am going to ‘teather’ my laptop to my
phone and try using ‘VST Connect’ from there.


I upgraded from C5 this time. I’ve been familiar with the software since it was a MIDI-only thing. At that time we decided against it and went with Voyetras Sequencer Plus (yup - the happy 80s!)

Generally I think some of the new C7 features makes it a more exiting software, - also some new ones from 6.5 (but I never got that upgrade - they’re all in C7 right!? - but I’m also struck by some of its bugs. I wouldn’t be able to use this nice software if - for instance - I was running a professional studio. I happen to own some shares in a pro studio - and it’s equipped with a large ProTools rig.

The main reason for the upgrade was to finally leave 32 bit versions for good. I’ve always been depending on the Reason rack - so getting the Reason and Cubase back together via 64bit ReWire was really nice. I’m back on my regular workflow now. I can’t use 32 bit anymore due to the inclusion of Hauptwerk virtual pipe organ software. Those sample sets demand gbs upon gbs of available memory, not to mention those large EastWest orchestral sound libs.

I’m more than willing to pay more for Cubase if that would lead to less bugs. It’s a very intuitive and strong tool for making music, but from time to time it also brings on new levels of frustration.