Do you really need Quadro When Side-Chaining? (Cubase 5)

All the forums and instructions on side-chaining suggest creating a Group Channel Track with QUADRO.

I did this but ran into a problem when trying to pan two of these Groups Channels Left and Right. The left was OK, but when I assigned one Group Channel output to Right, I kept getting an error message.

I needed to pan the two groups because I had two acoustic guitar tracks (panned hard left and right) and I had a voice over track. I wanted the acoustics to drop in volume when the voice would speak, but I also wanted each acoustic hard panned.

So, I created two MONO (worked with stereo too) Group Channel Tracks, inserted my compressor with sidechain (once for each group channel track) and gave the output of one group channel track Left, and the output of the other Right…and problem solved. Worked great.

So my question now is: why do all the instruction on side-chaining suggest you create a Group track with Quadro if it is not needed?

If this workaround is needed depends on the plugin used. When the workaround is necessary, a quadro group is needed for sidechaining Stereo signals, and a stereo group is needed for sidechaining mono signals.

That makes complete sense. It also explains why I was getting the error. Cheers!