Do you recommend upgrading to Windows 8?

How so?

Windows 8 is the worst OS I have ever experienced, after being a hardcore Windows user for 15+ years I had it, built a Hackintosh and lived happily ever after with Mountain Lion.

Windows 7 is solid, 8 and 8.1 is crap. skip this version, you’ll thank me later :slight_smile:

say what???

Windows 8 is (to me) by far better than 7, it don’t waste resources in show shinny little effects and load very fast.

I got a PC with a SSD drive and windows 8

It starts in 6 seconds tops.

W8.1 is solid here

Trolling-boy… I am going to bite. You are obviously a Mac fan, which is perfectly OK. But don’t go around spewing conviction. You obviously (based on your writing above) know nothing about Windows 8.1. Good luck with your Disney… oops, I meant Apple computer. :wink:

As far as Windows 8 being the “worst OS”… basically, it is a Windows 7 base with Windows Runtime (this is what Microsoft refers to as the modern UI, aka Metro) on it as well. The start menu is gone and instead we have the start screen. Two OS platforms in one package called Windows 8.1.

I’ve used W8 since before inception, with no problems.

Oh, no. We haven’t had a platform flame war here in a long time. Please don’t start one now.


I just got the Windows 8 thing on one machine, now…
It is faster… not quite stabil on this system, yet.
I never had to tweak that much about in an OS to make it working well for me.
Those tiles and the whole Metro fuss is such a nonsense to me that it reminds me strongly of N6.
It seems a symtom of our times that people can’t let their fingers off things that work and try as
hard as they can to disimprove them. At least, they are good and most successful in it.


I got now Windows 8.1, that offers now a “Start” button… I hate it…

Really, after a while working with 8 and the Metro interface I Think “Hows is that I could live without it before!”

But I remember it was a shock to me in the first days…

People thought the same when cars came along. I am sure that there are people that still think that about computers even. :wink:

Sooner or later you will have to upgrade to Windows 8 (or go Mac) and development of the new Windows continues.

As if I wouldn’t know … :wink:
I started into technology around the days when Microsoft was founded …


I have 8 on my home computer and I HATE it. I hate the start button, I hate having to navigate certain things that used to be so familiar, but now have been moved around for no good reason. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. It reminds me of the Vista fiasco. So I am keeping the studio computer at Windows 7 for as long as I can.

And btw off-topic, I don’t think that one can accuse someone with 116 posts to this forum of being a troll…

Windows 8.1 running well here.

I have the whole ecosystem now:

Nokia Lumia windows 8 phone
Surface 2
All machines on windows 8(except Mac and iPad)

it’s a great unified experience.


8 sucks. I’d stay on 7.

If you only use your DAW for music production, and don’t poke around Windows too much, I suppose that 8 can be fine. But if you use your DAW for other computing needs as well, you might want to think twice. Google “windows 8 sucks” if you want an idea of the very, very, many things that are different from Windows 7. Some things that you wouldn’t have thought of, like searching your computer for a file or viewing photos, can be very different and frustrating.

My drive is going on 7 yrs. old, no issues.

What I recommend is using Acronis True Image to image a perfect, pristine OS/App re-install. You can have a brand new install in minutes. Have you tried CCleaner to remove all of the junk from your registry and start-up apps, etc…?

You’d be surprised what a difference a fresh OS install can make. It takes a couple of tries to get it right, but when you do, you’ll never go back.

I think 8.1 is great so far. All my programs work with no problems. If you want Windows 8.1 to look and feel like 7 go here.

I’m still waiting to focusrite to announce if the scarlet 2i2 works fine in Windows 8.1 :frowning: