Do you use the Unit-tests Dialog in the PluginTestHost?

Do you use the Unit-tests Dialog in the PluginTestHost and will you miss it?

  • Yes I use it regularly and will miss it
  • I use it sometimes but I wont miss it
  • I do not use it. So please remove it
  • I do not care

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we consider to remove the dialog as most of the tests are available in the validator.
To get a better picture, please tell us if you use it and if you will miss it.


For everyone who uses the dialog, can you tell me why you use it and not the vst validator? Is there something missing in the validator?

For me it’s mainly readability: errors are visible at a glance since they appear in red.
Adding color to the console output report would remedy that.
Also it seems the console validator only tests supported in outs, whereas the ui version tests all MxN combinations.
Other than that, I’d be fine without the dialog.