Do you want to Enlarge the part? Yes, I want to - but please don't ask again

Hey there,

Since I’ve been using Cubase SX (I think?) back in 2004 I am greeted with this dialog on an almost daily basis. I always check the checkmark because the dilligent Cubase user I am, I always expect the program to not bug me with this message afterwards. I don’t mind enlarging the part. The event info is there, I need to see that in the timeline anyways. Thanks for asking, but also no thanks. I think the dev who made this dialog had a bit of an OCD moment that day. Or too much coffee or he just enjoyed creating dialogs…I don’t know.

Looking through the Steinberg forum, I find many posts mentioning this issue, including this one, which was written 7 years ago: 8.0.20 Do you want to enlarge the part? - #3 by dreikelvin

So here is my plee almost 20 years later: PLEASE. Remove or at least fix this darned dialog. I never want to be asked again. In another 20 years or so. Thanks!

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I am more annoyed by all those emails I get asking me whether I want to enlarge a part…

Sorry, couldn’t help it, I’ll see myself out… :flushed:


Ha, ha, I so recognize this.
The annoying thing is more than half the times this happens when you accidently move something outside of the event.
And then there is always one option missing: ‘Cancel’.
I even believe this is not compliant with Microsoft guidelines for dialogue boxes.

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And in addition the robot is not intelligent, sometimes it talks nonsense



Note to @steve - can we have a “key-editor” tag? Thanks a bunch