Do your note performer strings sound like this?

Ever since I moved to Mac (D4/NP 3, now D5/NP4) the strings have sounded like garbage. I have gone back and forth with Arne quite a bit on this an he insists this is how it’s supposed to sound. It doesn’t match at all the sound of my old windows machine. It’s very phasey/throbby.

yes, that’s more or less how the strings sound. The exact sound varies a lot with the reverb used and also the vibrato amount – reducing the latter I found helped but not enough to actually want to use the native NP strings in most projects.

I was quite disappointed in NP strings, especially considering how long better strings have been available on inexpensive keyboards and VSTs. (I use Windows.)

I switched to VSL for Dorico playback.

The good thing is that many composers use NP and conductors and producers are somewhat used to it.

NotePerformer is quite powerful in producing convincing symphonic tuttis, but due to the humanization algorithms involved, sometimes a solo line like this can sound noticeably “off” as a result. It’s also rather context-dependent; the same note can get a randomly different interpretation timing- and pitch-wise depending on what’s around it, which might explain the difference in sound you’re perceiving. FWIW I’m with Arne here, this is how NP’s always sounded.

I never remember it being this bad though… .it sounds out of tune! Tuttis sound worse, not better.

Since some of the NotePerformer demos sound really good, I asked Wallander for sample Dorico scores I could review. They were extremely nice and helpful, but said they were unable to provide scores; but that I could get Music XML copies from to load into Dorico. I plan to look into that.

I’d like to understand how they get good results. Maybe it’s just my composing style, but I don’t really hear the real-time interpretation and expressiveness NP claims to have. It is a very good library for the cost, but I can’t tell it’s much better than HALion.

I’ll reassess after loading and reading some scores.

For what it’s worth, I get very good results with the Berlin libraries on StaffPad: $89 each for strings, woodwinds, and brass. (I use StaffPad for sketching ideas, but Dorico for the final scores.)

I’ll stick with VSL for mockups for now.