Dock-able window Vs floating windows

What is the difference between dock-able window and floating windows. I can’t understand those people who love floating winding been negative with people who wants dock-able windows. Will it take away from floating window users when you can simple un-dock the windows if that is the way you like? This is not a compromise. This is just having another option.

With C7 I can now ‘dock’ the mixer as well as the ‘Project Page’.
or have the mixer and plugs ‘Always on Top’ (floating).
Depending on the project, I use all these options.

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How do you dock the project page and mix console? I don’t see that option anywhere.

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I believe you need two monitors.

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Using an iMac here. 1-27inch monitor.

Top left corner there is a yellow button on both the
Project Page and the mixer window.

If I clik those respective buttons the Project Page and/or
the Mixer will minimize and then go into the dock.

While they are in the dock, if I clik on them,
they will then return
(altho the Project page always seems to return ‘full screen’).

At that point I then just clik the ‘green’ button to restore
the previous size and ‘bob’s yer uncle’…

HTH (hope this help)

A bit of terminology differences here.

In this use docking means the window is docked, like a boat, to another part of the interface.

Imagine if in the new Mix Console you could not only drag the separators between the sections to enlarge and ensmall( :wink: ) them, but could also separate them, and later rejoin them.

Digital Performer is an example of a app that does it.

Here’s a very boring video showing it:

Thanks curteye! I’m on Windows, so that doesn’t work for me. However, if I maximize the project page, I can flip between the mixer and project with F3. It seems to work pretty good.

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By dokcing you mean the fullscreen option for the mixer?
ITs wierd. I have to have 2 monitors, enable both. select fullscreen on the mixer. turn the other monitor off unless I need it on while doing something serious, then every time I open the mixer it’s fullscreen .
Seems strange you can’t fullscreen unless you have 2 monitors open. there’s reason to fullscreen.

Weird thread.

There’s a dock in Mac OS in which one might keep some icons for often used apps, and where open apps show their icons.

That is not what the OP is asking about. The term means something else, as I said above. Or it means two things, I guess, this and the way you used it, Curteye.

Docking does not mean full screen for the mix console either.

Who knows why full screen is enabled the way they’ve done it? I think they are gradually changing the interface of Cubase so it all works like the mixer.

Halion 4 does have a docking feature fully realized (as does Motu Digital Performer) There are several panes within the window, and these panes can be detached and moved around as windows in their own right. Then, they can be rejoined to the larger window and become a pane in that window. You can download a demo to see. This is an excellent feature and if people saw it in action I imagine they would like it, since you would not have change they way you use windows now, but could use the new feature.

Now I will stop being a pain in the window. End mini rant.

PS you can see window docking/undocking here:


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