Dockable Mixer

I love Cubase, I’ve been using it since the Atari days, but one thing that’s bugged me since its transition to PC is the floating mixer window.

Is there any chance that we can have the mixer dockable in the near future and maybe a whole upgrade to the way Cubase handles windows?

Set it to always on top then dont move it :stuck_out_tongue:

I take your point (that’s what I do already)

Cubase doesn’t always remember where the windows are and if I load the project on a different setup the mixer could be anywhere - sometimes off the main screen.

I work with many different studio partners and in many cases they send me projects which reset mixer positions etc.

An option to have everything in the same place every time would be more than useful.

That is a very annoying scenario, have you tried Workspaces? lets see what C7 brings

Just make a Global “Workspace Preset” and activate that one (W) in the project you received from a partner and everything will line up based on that preset.

Thanks, I’ll give that a try.

To be honest I became very wary of using any presets in Cubase - such as Input/Outputs and Workspaces - as they had a nasty habit of resetting every month or so. Will look into it and see how it goes.

I’m hoping C7 will bring a fresh look to Cubase. I know many are completely comfortable with the current version, but I belive a rework of the mixer is badly needed (I’d like to view sends and inserts at the same time!). Docking is one way to clean up floating windows that seem to annoy so many. It works well in Reaper. Flexible workflow is king and I’m hoping we see some improvements on that front in the next version of Cubase.


I tried out the Presonus Studio One demo and like the way that handles things regarding the windows/mixer*

The option to have it docked or as is would be great so everyone is happy. I’m guessing that’s a lot easier said than done though.

**edited to avoid confusion

So that has been quite a burden…dude its been …like 200 years :laughing:

In our german forum there are also several lengthy threads concerning this topic, dockability and mixer appearance. One of the user even remembered some information from steinberg, that the layout of Cubase (or at least the mixer) will have a general revision in Version 7. It would not surprise me since the same wishes come up from time to time from a lot of different people.

…ok I’m going to jump in here, boots and all… :sunglasses:

If the limited overall functionality is what you’re after - no sympathy here, PSO delivers as promised. If you’re thinking that you’ll have all the mixer capability of Cubase, including the dockability… erm…NO

I like the way PSO handles everything regarding the windows/mixer… I wasn’t referring to the overall functionality.

With regards to Cubase, maybe the "always on top’ function needs addressing as this can’t be applied to all the window that pop up (such as the audio fade curves) which causes the main arrange page to re-size

It’s no massive burden, just something that seems awkward sometimes. The guys I work with say the same.

I guess I’m not the only one then, thanks.