Dockable tabbed windows and other improvements

Moving over from Merging Pyramix which has become a nightmare with its’ reliance on Ravenna. But I really miss a couple of things:

  1. Dockable windows.Also why is it not possible to resize just the left zone? I would like to be able to see and rename markers there, rather than just seeing half the timecode position, which is useless.

  2. Naming markers in timeline. Again can’t understand why you can’t rename markers by double clicking on them, or even a right click would do.

  3. Proper Meter bridge. We regularly have to record 192 tracks - there’s no way of seeing if any inputs are overloading. Pyramix has a meter bridge page which is very useful here. We’re using the workaround of the RME Totalmix meters page but it’s not ideal.

  4. Tracklist import. For festival records, would love to be able to import an excel or similar spreadsheet to name tracks. Very useful if you’ve got 12 bands and 2 machines to label!

  5. I don’t seem to be able to render out 2 mono tracks as a stereo file. So if the producer wants a quick stereo WAV of the monitor mix from the multitrack, that doesn’t seem possible without other software.

What do you all think? Am I on my own on this?


For #3: What’s missing specifically? I don’t really know what you mean by “proper”.

For #5: Assuming the mono tracks stay panned center I don’t really know what’s to gain from making it stereo. But if it has to be in a stereo file or panned L/R, why not just have that set up in a template to automatically route to a stereo output and render that?

item 3 - we need to see input meters for all tracks simultaneously with a resolution where we can see potential peaks or overloads, which allows us to trim the desk multitrack outputs. That doesn’t seem possible without using the mixer page and scrolling continuously.The meter bridge option in the mix window could be good but just replicates the meters from the faders below rather than all inputs as far as I can see.

Item 5 - we are using Nuendo as a simple multitrack in this case. During large scale events such as festivals, it’s possible that a different source will be on each track depending on what is being recorded. So we tend to use mono tracks only for everything. Pyramix has a feature where you can render out several tracks as individual files or as a polywav, so you can take any 2 tracks and render as a stereo file. Would be very useful to have that here.

By the way, the last Pyramix system we bought cost about £22K, so Nuendo is still a revelation and a bargain with what it can do - not criticising, just making suggestions that would allow it to become world-beating! And there are definitely things that I don’t know or haven’t discovered yet, hence the posts here.

Well while not visually perfect the mix Console overview shows all channels. And follows you meter colour settings. But yes they are tiny and probably not optimal. But you do get some type of overview of a few hundred tracks