Docs for four

Has any of these been (substantially) updated for Dorico (Pro) 4, please? I suspect not…

  1. Key Commands. (Help > Key Commands looks for http://localhost:52476/dorico/keycommands/ in my installation. Something failed to install?)
  2. Dorico Quick Reference Card
  3. Popovers (this is for version 3)


Not yet – it’s in progress though.

Edit: The latest version at the moment is newer than that one, see here for 3.5.

Edit 2: A Dorico 4 popover PDF is now available.


Hi, Lillie - thanks.

Good luck with that :-).

Wonderful job.

Definitely happy to wait :slight_smile: !

Is it the port: that’s wrong with the Help menu? I found this thread, and did all the usual - disabled AdGuard, firewall etc. Still does not find the Json file; in either Safari or FireFox.

I think there may be a problem with the little helper application that provides the local web server; I’ll check into this and come back to you.

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Great. Thanks, Daniel!

Is there a PDF for Dorico 4 Key Commands?