Documentation for Setting up Aria and GPO5


Is there a clear documentation on setting up Aria and GPO5 in Dorico? I have searched the forum and found a couple of threads, but they are not concise and are months old.
It would be great if the instructions and the needed files (Sound map and Expression map) are provided and verified by Steinberg.

There is a Garritan expression map on this page:

At the moment their is no out-of-the-box support for GPO5.

The process for creating expression maps is similar to Cubase’s…there are some good tutorials on Youtube.

You can download a zip file containing basic GPO5 expression maps, along with some basic instructions, from one of the Dorico Facebook groups.

If you’ve got ARIA showing up in Dorico to begin with (i.e. you’ve successfully whitelisted it), then you’re over the hump and now you only need to import the expression maps into your project, load the sounds in the ARIA Player, and then use the Endpoint Setup dialog (the little cog to the left of the entry for ARIA Player in the VST Instruments panel) to tell Dorico which patch you have loaded into each channel in ARIA by choosing the appropriate expression map.