Documentation used as learning device - Upgrade from v12

I am a 1970’s synthesist coming to grips with 21st century Cubase on a learning quest.
Last year I got v11 with a free upgrade to v12. Months later I am still trying to master the basics and have great respect for those who use Cubase every day. After reading all the Forum reviews about the GUI, and knowing I have a vision issue, I went ahead with the upgrade. Because I do not understand so much, this time I downloaded all the Cubase 13 documents and printed just the contents pages from several docs to see what they contained.
The Plug-in Reference was very useful to me. I will now print it and go thru every Plug-in and Effect and record my personal notes in the margins, comparing it to some Youtube videos and combining knowledge. I had no idea this existed as no video or comment referenced this resource. RTFM was a common topic in customer support circles-what manual?.
Now, in my own way I started by comparing v12 docs to v13 docs and noted the changes in the Contents menu. It is my belief that if Steinberg bothered to change the menu then they made a significant change to the application. And consequently if they failed to make a change in the docs, they probably did not make a significant change to the application or feature. If I follow the written manuals and directions and a feature does not work then I have the right to say…Steinberg fix it.
So, my learning continues by leaning on documentation for guidance, and of course motivation to try and try and try again.

Excellent reasoning!

Please do not hesitate to ask any other questions – with an approach like yours people will be happy to help, myself included!

Excellent attitude :+1:
May i just add :
learn how to stick a plaster on something until the issue is resolved .

I’m 1980’s synth head and have learnt over the course of synth history ,you have to find your own work arounds to stay up and running , not all synths and Midi thru boxes and Cv/Gates play nicely together , it’s the same with the internals of Cubase BUT 75% of the time ,there’s work arounds :+1:

It took me 2 days to discover that in the Plug-in manual, page 43 the Stereodelay image has 2 Lo Filters for Delay 2, not 1 HI FILTER and 1 LO FILTER.
Then I looked at the previous manuals and discovered that a team of 12 document engineers never noticed this after 2+ years, making the same mistake on the picture manual after manual.
My documents journey is just beginning.