Dear forum members,

Here’s an overview regarding all documentation we can currently provide regarding
WaveLab 7 and WaveLab Elements 7. Today we’ve added a new FAQ document.

WaveLab 6 to 7 - FAQ
Please find an overview with the most urgent questions and answers regarding the
differences between WaveLab 6 and WaveLab 7 here: WaveLab 6 to 7 FAQ

WaveLab 7 supplementary documentation
As supporting documentation to the WaveLab 7 in-application help, you can download
a PDF document here: WaveLab 7 documentation

WaveLab 7 Feature Videos
Please find here around 25 minutes of video material describing the new WaveLab 7
functionalities, such as Workspaces, Plug-Ins and Restoration: WaveLab 7 Feature Videos