Documents menu item not created

A relatively small issue is that the installer
did not create a documentation folder in the start menu of windows 7 64 bt. (like next to the User settings data folder)
So I mean the start menu item.
You can only get to the manual through ‘help’ in cubase or dig for it on C with explorer
no docs.png
This at least with my downloaded upgrade installer from v7.5 to v8

Win 7 64bt

Hi JayAudion,

unfortunately this is not a bug but it was done on purpose. Mostly because on Windows 8, the whole pdf files (in all languages) would appear in the Windows Start Center which was not very nice, so we decided not to include it anymore.

You could create a shortcut to the folder where the documantations is saved though: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 8\Documentation

Hope this helps.

You can of course create your own links in a folder or library. :bulb:

Hi, well thanks all,
haha, I’m a poweruser myself so I allready solved it. I just wanted to mention this, to contribute to the the list of small clean up operations for the new otherwise excellent version. If it’s intentional I don’t really mind.