Does 1.52 let you choose your data folder (after install)?

With the new update, do you still have to load all of the data on a new install or can you “point” to where the data is (like just about every other sample player)?

Aparently not mate…
I’m having just this problem right now and am waiting for a reply from customer support.
i originally installed the content to e:\HS content but have been unable to install the content update…
support have assured me this is why i cannot update the content… before it WAS funtioning perfectly well other than not allowing me to update the content.
Unfortunately i am now waiting for a mail back to tell me the default path as after uninstalling HS and its content when i try to install the content again it defaults to my old install path… lol

It’s probably not fixed then… SB, can this be so hard?

Ok i have to own up to being a bit of a pillock here lol… i never realised that the version of HS that came with C6 IS already V1.5.0… oops! lol so the content was already @ 1.5 :blush:
It IS possible to locate your content on another drive though as i am doing so right now and it’s all working perfectly even with the new 1.5.2 update :smiley:

you COULD try uninstalling just the content and then reinstalling to another directory… you will get a nag screen saying that you might get duplicates… just ignore… i’m not sure if the already installed plugins and standalone will pick this up though but if you uninstall all your HS stuff and then reinstall, pointing the content to where you want it to go then it all works fine… at least it has done here thankfully! :smiley:

There should be a control (there was in Halion One) to let you “Locate Contents”, as I said in the OP, every other sample player allows this. Steinberg?

I had to re-install HS yesterday and tried to get it to install the content on my SAmples drive, which has much more space than my System drive.

This is on MacPro.

Even though I selected the Samples drive for the content before installing, it still installed the content on the system drive… Anyone else with Mac found this?



At the moment we do not have a “Locate Content” function in HS. I agree, it would be very helpful in case of content issues. I will put it on the “feature request” list.

The default folder for the HS content is here:
Mac OS X / Library / Application Support / Steinberg / Content / HALion / VST Sound

If you have chosen another folder for the content during the installation, you will find “Alias” files inside the default folder instead of the actual content.

Great, thanks!

Ive installed Halionsonic. Then installed the content update 1.5. Then installed the plug update 1.5.2. In that order specified by steinberg on my Mac osx Lion.

However some of my Halionsonic Sound are not in the list on the HS interface, e.g. Precision roundwound bass and the yamaha s90 piano.

How do I go about fixing? Will it mess my update plugin if I reinstall 1.5 update?


I ran into the same dillemma. Steinberg USA told me there is no workaround, so I skipped the 1.5 content update and just installed system update 1.5.2

It’s pretty weird that the original HS will let you choose the content location during installation, only to have an update that can’t.

I decided not to risk the possible aggravation, but I do hope that Steinberg sorts this out. I’d love some new sounds for HS.