Does 6.5 fix problems in comping introduced in 6.0?

Has anyone who was (like me) really PO’d at the change in the behavior of lanes/comping/The Part Editor between Cubase 5 and 6 tried 6.5? Have any of the the many complaints been addressed ?

Even if they have I find it annoying to have to pay an extra $50 to have a capability that exists in 5 restored. On the other hand $50 is nor enough reason to spend months crawling back up the learning curve of a new DAW and possibly finding it not an improvement. I want a reason to stay with Cubase, cause I have invested a lot of time in learning to use it.

Maybe here (or somewhere in this thread) is the answers you seek…?

There’s more to the comping function in 6.5 than just ‘reverting to how it was’. Lane soloing, creating tracks with muted events from lanes, a separate comp tool etc; check the New Features pdf of 6.5.

As Arjan says, they didn’t just put in a button to make it like it was… there’s a whole new CompTool and new ways to manipulate multiple takes.

We can cut-up takes across the whole lot or individually, nudge, trim, edit, delete, copy, fade each section (part) … solo takes, clean up the display … with either the Comp Tool or the regular selector.

Right now it seems pretty comprehensive to me and it’s what I got the update for. … but it’s early days yet :wink: Maybe there’s some situation it won’t handle.

I don’t begrudge the update fee … all these updates take time and energy that people have to be paid for!