Does a Dorico Pro license include the subscription option for Dorico on iPad?

Hello. I already use Dorico on my iPad and have been paying for the annual subscription that unlocks the use of engrave mode on the iPad. Now I am considering taking advantage of the cross-grade offer from Steinberg to switch from Sibelius Ultimate to Dorico Pro on my desktop system. If I purchase Dorico Pro, will I still need to pay the annual subscription for Dorico on the iPad, or would those additional iPad features provided with the subscription be included with the Dorico Pro license?

Thank you in advance for any well-informed response.

Hi @tlland and welcome to the Forum!

No: the Dorico for iPad and Dorico for Desktop licences are different licences and independent.
There is also a crossgrade + educational purchase option for Dorico, that is even more convenient if you are eligible.

For the iPad there is also a lifetime licence (Unlock) that you can purchase if you want.